Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Daily saying for July 13th, 2011

"I, Me, My" is a prayer for suffering.
     ~ 至道


  1. Who prays for suffering?

    When people say the mantra from the Upanishads:
    asato mam sad gamaya
    asato mam sad gamaya
    tamaso mam jyotir gamaya
    mrtyor mam amrtam gamaya

    They tend to say "ma" instead of "mam". Sanskrit being the precise language that it is, changing "mam" to "ma", changes the meaning from "Guide me from ignorance to truth, guide me from darkness to light, guide me from death to immortality" to "Do not take me truth, do not take me to light, do not take me to immortality"

    Its funny how even priests say this without knowing its real meaning.

  2. That is interesting!

    As a note, it should be understood that anyone who focuses too much on the self or the ego is only causing themselves suffering and harm. The true way to pray is always as gratitude. Then your prayers come true every time and the suffering and harm vanish along with the selfishness.

  3. Agreed. A very poetic phrasing as well :) Thank you