Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I was recently asked:

The other day, I was at a ceremony.  In this tradition, the leader of the group connects with spirits of the earth and gives out advice and words to people he's barely met.  His first set of words were for me.  The spirits gave me the name "Altarnator."  Not a very earthy or native name.  I was surprised!  But then he went on to say it was because I pray at many alters.  Funny yes, but confusing and I don't know what to think of it.  What would you say?

This was my response:

The first reaction is to laugh and say, "Of course!"  Here we see the spirits calling you out on something.  They don't exactly care whether you pray at many altars or if you pray at one or barely pray at all.  They are simply pointing out something you should notice.
One who partakes in many traditions is blessed and capable of so much.  However there comes a danger with this.  If you spend too much time spreading too thinly all of the prayers, you separate the very things you're trying to connect.  It would be like having a different dictionary for words starting with 'A' and one for 'B' words and so on and so on.  Sure each one works and you can get things done with them.  But they are all so separate when they don't need to be.  This isn't saying you should mix the traditions together.  Sometimes that brings more problems than solutions.  It is saying that YOU should be the same in each ceremony.  There shouldn't be a different you in each place.  That creates no spiritual growth because each experience is compartmentalized and they keep you from fully grasping what is happening to you.  A piece of music only works when you hear all parts at once.  That is when there is the most beauty.  Then you hear the true music.  Don't listen to each instrument separately.  Appreciate the harmony of each ceremony by being there as the same you.  Then, by doing that, you can remove that you that is the problematic 'Altarnator' and simply be part of the spiritual experience.  A prayer itself.

Love and Peace,



  1. lol, "altarnator." he's a clever spiritual leader. I thought that the dictionary analogy was very comprehensive (:

  2. Clever, yup!