Friday, June 17, 2011

Weekly Homework for the Students of the Way for June 17th, 2011

Since no one did last weeks homework, this one will be easier.

Give someone you don't know one dollar.  
(If you live in another country, give away an amount close to $1 USD)

Post your results in the comments.


  1. wait, i did some dao te ching sharing and talking misterrrr

  2. Then please post yourr experiences in last weeks comments section. ^_^

  3. I went out for a walk today, with this homework in mind, and found myself being much more aware of people around me. I am usually aware of my surroundings, but this time it was awareness of another perspective, of many other perspectives. The man I gave the dollar to was sitting with a frown on his face, at first he did not believe that someone would give him a dollar for no reason. He asked me to turn it around, to make sure it was real, asked what was in it for me. By the time he took the dollar he was laughing and asked me if I was doing this with everyone, when I told him what I was doing he asked if he should do the same thing as well. I told him to do what he thought was right. He was grinning as we said goodbye to each other.

  4. Good Job! Please share this experience with others!

  5. I walked out of my house looking for a person to give a dollar. I needed change for a 5 so I went to starbucks. I saw someone and got excited but then remembered I still needed change. After I got change I walked some more. The first three people wouldn't accept the dollar. Then I saw a guy who hangs out around Bala Pizza a lot who's a little bit off. If you've ever been to bala pizza much you might have seen him and thought he was some minorly crazy guy. But he was the only one willing to accept a dollar. "What for?" he asked. "Just for being." "OK, maybe I'll put it in a jar and add to it some day."